Tecnibat Horizontal anti-fall safety system in operation on a building being constructed. The greatest advantage of the Tecnibat system shown is that the entire construction job including the roof can be complited  without having to remove the safety system at any time.



  Located in the industrial region of Lower Deba in the Basque Country in the north of Spain, Tecnibat is a small family company. Since its foundation in the early 70s it has concentrated on the metal stamping and manufacture of hardware products, our catalogue features a wide range of own-designed products and we also have numerous own-product patents.
Without forgetting our origins as manufacturers and designers, in recent years we have expanded our product range with a series of specially designed products intended to improve construction safety.
Our commitment to design and manufacture enables us to manage product development from the first sketches on paper to the manufacture and delivery of samples and subsequent mass production.
Drawing on our extensive experience we aim to continue advancing in the research, design and development of new products that provide solutions to all our clients’ needs now and in the future.
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